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Free Press, was entirely something else when it was initially conceptualized. It was supposed to be a card counting game, where memory and strategies heavily impacted the game. This didn't pan out as people found it too intense for a mobile game. It was suggested to reduce the impact of number introduce some narrative which keeps people interested for a bit longer.

This gave me new direction, which morphed the game into a narrative card game with tinder-like swipe mechanic for the controls.

In today's world, "Free Press" is become an oxymoron. This game is an attempt to see, not just black or white but shades of grey through a reporter's view

You play as a reporter who job is to write as many articles he possibly can, while dealing with four factions; namely Social Media Worriers, Public Mood, politicians and his company. It's on you to maintain the balance between the four and keep doing your job of a reporter.

Now I'm even thinking of adding live media feed to the game, if possible.

Install instructions

Download .apk and install it on your mobile device.

It should be ready to go. Enjoy the game and do give feedback.


FreePress_v5.apk 28 MB

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